Common Wireless Microphone Problems

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Common Wireless Microphone Problems

Wireless microphones are often preferred for events as they allow presenters, hosts, musicians, and performers to move freely on stage without having their hands and movement tied down.

Setting up a wireless system isn’t as simple as plugging a wired microphone. Sometimes, people experience some problems during the event itself. Here at Beamworks, we want to make sure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

With that in mind, we listed down some of the most common wireless microphone problems people experience during events, along with some suggestions on how to prevent them.


This is a simple and easy part of the wireless set up that can save you some big headaches if you plan accordingly.  Plan on replacing and using new batteries for every show.  You can use the old batteries for dress rehearsals and set up, but don't leave your show to chance with old batteries.

There's a difference between name brand and off-brand batteries and it REALLY makes a difference.  Off brand batteries have a tendency to have dead cells or inconsistent life spans. Having your mic die in the middle of a performance is the last thing you want.  Duracell Pro-Cell's are the industry standard and are a true and reliable option. We also are big fans of Interstate Workaholic line. 

Good Wireless Signals

Wireless microphones communicate between the receiver and transmitter with specific radio frequencies which the industry refers to "RF".  Wireless microphones are prone to signal blockages and it's important to keep a clear and short distance between the two components.  Research the type of antenna your system uses and ensure you're setting it up correctly and that it also fits for your application. 

You always want to keep your signals connected during your show whether they are on stage or not.  Keep your actors from walking too far away from your receivers so they stay connected and don't lose their signals.  If actors take off their packs, place them in cheap tin baking pans backstage which will help keep them all separate.

Set up your wireless a head of time and if possible, test run your event at the same time as the performance.  Changes in time and atmosphere can completely change the RF interference in your area.  


Soundcheck is one of the most important things you can do to avoid problems for your event.  Test the microphones on stage and if possible on the person using the mic.  If you have multiple microphones on stage, keep them all live on stage when you're checking each individual mic.  Your EQ will change drastically when all mics are live on stage.  Doing this will lower your chances of feedback during the performance and set you up for a greater success. 

 Also, make sure that you have the number of a local rental audio company, so you can contact them in case you run into an emergency.

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