Top Reasons to Consider Hiring an Outside AV Provider

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Top Reasons to Consider Hiring an Outside AV Provider

The importance of audio visual system in an event should never be underestimated.
When used appropriately, it encourages interaction with attendees and share powerful messages with your audience.

Although most venues like conference centers and hotels have their own AV system, we highly recommend that you hire an outside AV provider if you want to ensure the success of your event.

Here are top reasons to consider an outside AV provider.

More equipment and service options
Sometimes, people think that in-house suppliers are their only option. But if you are organizing a big event, their equipment may not suit your needs. If the room is big, attendees at the back may not be able to hear the presentation well.

AV companies like Beamworks offer a wide variety of AV equipment, so you are sure to find something that would suit your needs and event specifications. Plus, this allows you to select different price options and help you stay within budget.

In many occasions, the equipment is old and outdated which won’t support the newer laptops and equipment you have. They also tend to not have staff that is competent in connecting, running and making sure your event goes as planned.

Onsite technicians 
In-house AV providers sometimes have their own technicians, but if there are 2 or 3 events happening at the same time, there is no guarantee that you’ll have someone to cater to your needs. The in-house technician will have to do the rounds to ensure the equipment in all 3 events are functioning well. Outside AV providers, on the other hand, can have onsite technicians dedicated to your event.

Latest equipment available 
By getting an outside AV company, you are likely to get the best equipment for your event. These companies constantly update their equipment to fulfil all of your event’s needs. They invest in new equipment and replace the older and phased out pieces to ensure the highest quality for your event.

Save money 
Most people think that they can save money by using the in-house AV provider. For most events, however, staff members of the venue will hire a third-party supplier to accommodate your needs. Some would even recommend a certain supplier. However, these venues are likely to make a commission by booking a third-party company. If you are to use an outside AV provider, you might as well hire one yourself.

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