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We at Beamworks have designed and run hundreds of large and small corporate events all over the country.  Our team of experienced administrators and technicians has the knowledge and skill to design, build and run professional events of any sizes.  We have had the pleasure of working in convention centers, houses of worship, city buildings and more for massive clients and fortune 500 companies throughout our tenure.

Specializing in creating each and every event around our clients needs and their vision while keeping value and budget in mind..  We understand that many of our clients are not experienced in this field and we make sure you feel comfortable and confident in all of our discussions and  your decisions regarding your event..  We use our knowledge to ask the right questions and to provide the information needed to make your event run smooth.

This industry is our passion! Our inspiration comes from our clients and
their vision along with our talented and creative staff of technicians!

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Beamworks is a true American Small Business that has been running strong in the Tampa Bay Area since 1999. With years of experience we are able to pull off incredible shows and events and supply other people to do the same. We work to make every event more enjoyable and stress free so you can spend more time doing what you do best.