Trade Shows

Trade Shows require a much different approach than most other events. You are usually working for multiple people with varying chains of commands.  The ability to design and build an event to the clients needs and answer to multiple people can be a challenging task.  We have had the privilege of doing this for a very long time and have the right people in place with the experience to handle this.

We have produced Trade shows in major cities in convention centers, large hotel venues, on cruise ships, in meeting halls and for governmental offices.  We have orchestrated the logistics of site plans, event design, building out the sets and seamlessly work with all vendors to meet their event needs.   We are experts at organizing labor and union demands.   Not only have we maintained all of our contacts and relationships over the last decade, we have grown with each of our clients and help them expand their reach by making their next event exceed the expectations of the last and to help them profit in their business and increase customer attendance.

We’ve done this – let us help you jump through the hoops every trade show presents and we will do it for you and your company!