Sound System Rental

Audio is the foundation of every event.  It is also one of the most overlooked and neglected parts of the event.  Have you ever been to an event where you couldn’t hear the person on stage? Or how about seeing your favorite band and the sound quality coming from the stage just isn’t right?  It leaves people disappointed and upset. More people have asked for ticket refunds based on sound than any other issue. It’s our belief and job to provide you with the best and most affordable pa system for your rental package or event production as possible.

There are several items in your speaker system that need to work together for the job you have and the space you are in.  We know what to look for and what products are required to achieve the best sound in your event space. Technology, equipment, and demand are constantly changing and we have the best high-quality equipment to ensure you get what you need. 

Mixing Consoles

From analog to digital mixing consoles, we can provide you with what you need to get the job done.  Whether we are running the event for you or renting you the mixer, we’ll ensure it’s what is needed to fit the standard of your event. Beamworks has qualified and trained techs to talk you through the differences of each mixer and recommend whatever is best for you.


“Give me speakers!’ We get this a lot and we love it. Big, loud, clean sound is what has driven a lot of us into this business.  There’s nothing better than incredible acoustics being amplified into your ears and we know what products will do that. A lot has changed in the audio world in the last several years and we’re seeing incredible advances in power handlings, clarity and so much more.  You can forget all the noise and talk to us about the best options on the market.  


From DJ’s shouting into a wireless handheld to guitars shredding into a 57 to the head of your business presenting through a lavalier, we’ve got you covered.  Our massive warehouse is full of all sorts of microphones to make sure you are heard no matter what the source is. 

To get the best rental equipment that will suit your job.

What people say?

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Head Of Sales , Intel

To get the best rental equipment that will suit your job.