Beamworks & Point Source Audio

Beamworks has partnered with Point Source Audio to provide all of our customers with the best Theatrical Headsets in the business! 

Point Source provides the same EO-8WL headsets to Broadway, Disney and massive productions around the world.  This is the top of the line option that you can now have in your own productions. 

This new style combines a headset and wig mic into one single option. It’s easy to use, sounds amazing and has significantly less failure points.  With the short boom and ear mount, you can put the tape back in the drawer! 

EMBRACE lets you bend, shape and trim for a precise custom-fitted microphone in seconds. The patented mounting system with its “all-in-one” approach allows you to use it in three different configurations: a lapel lavalier, a single ear boom, or an on-ear “ear rig”. EMBRACE Microphones completely obliterate the painstaking and unsafe task of using sharp tools to assemble homemade microphone ear rigs. So now, anyone can master the art of concealing mics in just seconds.

Deployed for decades in musical theater, “ear rigs” are handcrafted to hide the microphone from the audience—but can take up to 30 minutes to custom build. EMBRACE completely obliterates the painstaking and unsafe task of using sharp tools to assemble homemade ear rigs. 


Point source has an incredible design that in addition to working better and sounding better than the rest, they are also setup for success with a rugged and well designed build. 

The EO-8WL headset removes the “knuckle” connector behind the hear which always seems to be the culprit of most headset breaks.  The mic also comes with a replaceable connector at the belt pack so damages to the connector can be replaced quickly. 

The majority of poor sound quality or damaged headset microphones come from makeup and sweat getting into the capsule.  This design is fully waterproof and with the shorter boom, much less makeup will be able to get into the capsule. 

Your event can carry on without distractions!