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Audio can very often be the most understated and overlooked portion of every event and yet it happens to be the most important!  Without sound, an event is flat and boring.  With the right sound, it can become a truly enjoyable experience beyond any expectations. We also know when to include lighting and how to use it to bring life and color to an event.

The foundation of Beamworks began in the audio and live sound field of work.  Anybody can set up speakers and place a mic in front of a guitar amp, but the knowledge of setting up a speaker system correctly and tuning a room to provide maximum even coverage is something only true professionals can achieve.  We have an outstanding reputation among local artists, many of which look forward to working with us and our experienced technicians to allow them to sound the best they can be.

Whether you need large or small sound reinforcement,
work with the best and allow us to create the perfect show for you!

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Beamworks is a true American Small Business that has been running strong in the Tampa Bay Area since 1999. With years of experience we are able to pull off incredible shows and events and supply other people to do the same. We work to make every event more enjoyable and stress free so you can spend more time doing what you do best.