Corporate Events

The undertaking of putting on a business event can be a daunting task with many items to juggle.  The event management service that Beamworks provides can take all of the confusion and guesswork out of the equation.  Our event planners and professional AV techs know how to take your vision and make it into a work of art. Talk to our sales team and get an idea of how we can take your corporate event, business meeting or trade show to the next level.


We start our event planning process with a simple conversation with you to find out exactly what your vision is.  We have the experience to ask the right questions, fill in the gaps and take care of the details you never thought about when planning an event.  In addition, we know additional options and technologies that are available to make an event pop or just professionally take your event where it needs to go. 

In a blue-collar industry, we pride ourselves on only using the most professional technicians in the industry.  Our skilled employees are not only the most technically skilled and knowledgeable, they are also family and treat our clients like friends. You have nothing to worry about when hiring Beamworks to handle your event.

Take advantage of the best in the business. Have Beamworks plan and run your next event.

Types of Corporate Events

Business meetings, weddings, holiday parties, annual corporate gatherings and training/sales events, all have their special needs and differences.  When it comes to understanding your end result, the company you hire needs to understand how to execute each type of production correctly. At Beamworks, we’ve been doing this since 1999 and have handled every type of event where we can plan and execute each type of event perfectly. Many companies specialize in a specific type of event and try to copy that style across each genre.  Don’t get stuck with a team that will provide what they did last weekend and let us design your event from the ground up.

Planning an Event

The planning phase is the preparation for the big game.  If we prepare for everything ahead of time and can visualize your goal, we can knock your event out of the park.  In many cases, the events you hire us to do are the biggest meetings and gatherings of the year for you. Whether it’s a convention center full of your employees or a backyard bbq, we want you to feel like it’s our biggest event of the year as well.  

We’ll start with a conversation focusing on the big goals and big visions for your event. We’ll discuss how we can achieve those visions and what products we suggest to handle the job.  We’ll have talks about the budget to know if the sky’s the limit or if the limit is modest. This will allow us to talk about the details and specifics that give us the guidelines we need to achieve your goals.  From there, we are able to handle most everything you throw at us. 

We’ll take all of this and assemble it into a proposal that lays out the details of everything we’re providing. We also love to create or utilize your time-lines for every event we do.  This allows the multiple vendors, talent, managers, planners etc, to be on the same page and create a well-oiled machine. In addition to planning for the success of your event, we also plan for the unforeseen.  We also bring additional equipment and an abundance of accessories to ensure that any change, oversight or mishap can be handled without missing a beat.  

Planning for success is the only way we know how to plan!

What to Do Post-Event

In the busy world of “move on and don’t look back”, we tend to forget the reflection stage of events. For a wedding or celebration, it’s important to remember the amazing moments and experiences that you had with friends and family.  For corporate and business events, it’s great to look at the growth and inspiration your employees are walking out with. It’s also important to realize what went great and what to change for next years event. 

Make lists and take notes.  The things you want to change or the ideas you get during this years event typically get forgotten until you’re at next years event! Write them down and keep them handy for our next pre-production meeting.  We believe events are ever evolving and should change at least a little from year to year. We love to adapt each year to keep or set trends and focus on your new vision. Reflecting on what you do after each event is the first step to inspiration for a great next year.

What people say?

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Head Of Sales , Intel

Take advantage of the best in the business. Have Beamworks plan and run your next event.