Finally found the perfect location for your event but wish the walls were different or need to block something from view? We have just the thing to try a Pipe & Drape for your occasion! Our draping can come in many colors besides the traditional black. Need a different color? … We have just what you’re looking for. Pipe and drape have various names within the industry, including pipe and drape system, pipe and base system, back drapes, or a theatrical backdrop. Our pipe and drapes help you to create a smart, non-intrusive background space. This product is ideally suited for trade show booths, but they can also be used for behind a theatre stage to help cover up any distracting features of the non-dramatic wall/window/doorway behind it. Since it is freestanding, the backdrops can also be used as room dividers, curtain backgrounds, catering aisles, partitions, stage backdrops, and drape decor. This style proves useful at events such as tradeshows, weddings, industry functions, fairs, receptions, fundraisers, special events, performances, and more. 


A quality pipe and drape begins with a good base or foundation. The pipe and drape foundations begin with 6 lb. to 62 lb. Bases are dictated by the height and weight of the drape. Sandbags are added for extra safety and stability as required. We keep a wide range of Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) fabrics in stock. These range from sheer to heavyweight velour, and can be used for everything from a basic pipe and drape to creating a grand entrance or a traveler track reveal.

We make it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You tell us:
What color
How high
The length of the area.
The ceiling height
The location

We will take it from there.

We offer Delivery, Set Up, or just standard rentals. Whatever best fits your needs and budget we will make happen!